Once. Twice. Thrice.

Our Noble Kavas

We prepare and serve our organic kava farm-to-table direct from the islands without any additives in stainless steel shells. Each shell is served with a slice of pineapple or some heavy cream, known as the Florida trick, to instantly remove the bitter aftertaste sometimes associated with kava.







Relaxing & Invigorating

Drinks & Tonics

Unique to The Root Kava, Co., our signature beverages combine the intrinsic benefits of kava with organic fruit and natural flavors.

Dirty Badger


Made from co2 kava isolate, the Dirty Badger provides the same sacred effects as our traditional kava but at an unparalleled potency. This signature drink is sure to make you feel relaxed. Contains 1,000mg kavalactones per serving.



Our most popular drink, Ghostbuster is Irresistibly fruity with over 12 juice flavors including grapefruit, passionfruit, blueberry, guava and citrus. This drink never disappoints.

Sunset Tonic


The perfect beginning, middle, or end to your day! With a delightful tart citrus fruit blend and our most relaxing blends, you can take a sip and drift slowly off into the sunset.

Strawberry Pomegranate


A lush blend of pomegranate juice with tangy notes of strawberry citrus. Whether unwinding after a long day or relaxing with friends, the Straw-Pom tonic is sure to reduce tension and destress.

Trifecta Tonic


Light, bubbly and refreshing, this unflavored tonic features a blend that provides a full-spectrum effect. Add your favorite flavor syrup to make it your own.

Healthy & Herbal

Rotating Beverages

We offer a wide variety of rotating of herbal teas and handcrafted, small-batch Kombucha. Ask your kava slinger what’s currently available at the bar.

Seasonal Teas


Indulge in a piping hot cup of one of the root kava co. seasonally rotated herbal teas offering 7 varieties at any given time. Ask your kava slinger for the sample collection to find your perfect herbal brew to suit you. Also available in dry bulk bags to brew at home.



Handcrafted in small batches, Boulder-based Mortal Kombucha is bubbly smooth, super refreshing and absolutely energizing. Mortal Kombucha is an all-natural, caffeinated kombucha energy beverage that transforms your body and mind at the molecular level. Ask which flavors we currently have in rotation.

Kava Extracts

Shots, Add-Ins & Slams

Enjoy the benefits of kava at full strength, either as a shot or add it to one of our other beverages.

Shell Slam


A communal toast, or Bula as we call it, of our Single Noble Kava for $1, only available at midnight - up to three shells per person.

Kava Extract Shot


Made from our signature kava extract, this super concentrated shot is sure to pack a punch! Great on its own or add it to any beverage.

Kava Powder & Supplies

Take-Home Products

Can’t get enough Kava? Buy high-quality kava powder and the necessary supplies to brew your own kava-based drinks at home. Ask our experienced kava slingers for tips and tricks when brewing your own kava.

Raw Kava Root


Take home some of our dry kava powder and brew up your own premium kava at home.

Strainer Bags


Knead your own kava at home. The strainer bag filters out the plant material and lets you squeeze out the precious active components from the kava.

Join us at midnight for $1 Bulas of our Single Noble Kava!